The Wanderlust Report

wan·der·lust (noun): an irresistible and innate
desire to discover the world around us

A Luxury Conscious Travel Magazine

Established in 2015, The Wanderlust Report is a digital lifestyle magazine for conscientious jetsetters who want to explore the world in a socially responsible way. With a focus on luxury living and conscious travel, the magazine features destination guides, exclusive interviews with global tastemakers, and trendspotting reports from our network of insiders around the world. From hotspots and hidden gems to cultural events and culinary reviews, The Wanderlust Report is the definitive guide to travelling and living the good life – in the most mindful way possible.

Porto Venere, a stunning harbour on the Italian Riviera

The Wanderlust Report caters to travellers with discerning tastes and a desire to better understand the cultures they visit, not the tourist simply looking to cross things off their list. Our readers have a thirst for wanderlust, seeking out experiences that exemplify the ethos of conscious travel. They believe travel can be deeper, richer and more meaningful – and make a significant, positive impact – and this knowledge influences the destinations they choose to visit, what they do, where they stay, and much more.

Our readers are interested in eye-opening experiences, seeking out immersive and enriching travel that expands their perspective. We strive to offer them a carefully curated blend of luxury, culture and local flavour with content related to conscious travel, wellness, dining and nightlife, style and design.

The beach at Sarandë, on Albania’s Ionian Sea

Get lost. Revel in new experiences. Be inspired. Embrace the destination.

Connect with locals. Enjoy the journey. Satisfy your yearning for wanderlust.


Satisfy your wanderlust with travel inspiration, interviews with global tastemakers, and trendspotting reports from around the world. This is what you need to live the good life right now.

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