Diner en Blanc Around the World

Diner en Blanc Around the World

Decades ago, long before pop-up restos and events were de rigueur, one of the first flashmobs the world had ever witnessed was the spectacle of Le Diner en Blanc. Originating in Paris in 1988, this highly sought after secret has evolved into an international phenomenon, thanks to its concept of refined revelry blended with a flash feast. From Auckland to Tel Aviv, Nairobi to Sao Paulo and every port of call in between, these enchanted summer evenings bring together friends old and new to partake in the celebrations of Diner en Blanc around the world.

Dance performance. Diner en Blanc around the world 2016.

Dance performance at Diner en Blanc Vancouver 2016. Photo credit: Jonathan Evans

If you have yet to experience this ultimate pop-up picnic in the flesh, nine cities will be hosting Diner en Blanc events in the final two weeks of August. Scroll down to see if Diner en Blanc will be making an appearance in your city, and read our post about attending the Vancouver’s fourth Diner en Blanc to see what this event is all about {gorgeous photos included}!

August 22
New York
: We can only imagine how organizers will top last year’s event in the Big Apple, which was held by the Hudson River with the Statue of Liberty in the background!

August 24, 2017
Vancouver, Canada
: This year, the Vancouver edition will take place in two secret places simultaneously! We just learned that the event’s promoter, The Social Concierge, released an extra 300 seats so newcomers have a chance to snag one of these coveted spots. Sign up for the waitlist and within 24-48 hours, you’ll receive an invitation to register (for as long as seats remain available).

Bucharest, Romania: Diner en Blanc arrives for the first time in Bucharest this summer. Where will it be held? We’re guessing it might be situated by Bucharest’s very own version of the Arc de Triomphe (known to locals as the Arcul de Triumf) to pay fitting tribute to Paris. After all, the City of Lights is where the Diner en Blanc tradition originated!

Chicago, USA: The Windy City plays host to its sixth edition in 2017. Will event organizers pick a location on the edge of the Chicago River or opt for a view of Lake Michigan? You’ll have to wait and see!

Edmundston, New Brunswick, Canada: Fun fact: Edmundston is the smallest town in the world to host its very own Diner en Blanc celebration. In fact, we’ve heard a rumour that the town’s summer holidays are scheduled according to the date of this event…

August 25, 2017
Vilnius, Lithuania: Diner en Blanc is back in Vilnius for a fourth year. We imagine it might very well take place in the city’s historical centre, which just so happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site to boot.

August 26, 2017
Busan, South Korea: This marks the very first time that Diner en Blanc will be held in Busan. Known as the summer capital of South Korea, the city couldn’t be a more perfect place for this al fresco summer event.

Washington, DC, USA: The American Capital celebrates its fourth anniversary this year, with plans to welcome 3,500 guests to an event that has been months in the making.

August, 31 2017
Calgary, Canada
: Last year’s event brought more than 1,200 guests to St. Patrick’s Island, so we can’t imagine how organizers will top that – but we know they will!

Crowd shot. Diner en Blanc around the world 2016.

Mixing and mingling. Photo credit: Jonathan Evans.

Seated diners. Diner en Blanc around the world 2016.

Mangez mangez. Photo credit: Jonathan Evans.

Crowd with sparklers. Diner en Blanc around the world 2016.

The crowd lights up this magical night with sparklers. Photo credit: Jonathan Evans.

Aerial shot of Vancouver event. Diner en Blanc around the world 2016.

A bird’s eye view of the festivities. Photo credit: Jonathan Evans.


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