Healthy on the Road: How to Curb Vacation Weight Gain

Healthy on the Road: How to Curb Vacation Weight Gain

Five pounds. Coffee and pastries. Sorry to tell you this, but that’s how much weight the average person will gain on vacation.

Trying to keep off the pounds while traveling is one tough challenge, but it IS possible {and it doesn’t involve sweating it out for hours in the hotel gym, either}. With spring break and bathing suit season enroute, we’ve put together four healthy eating strategies that won’t get you “choked up” over calories.

Pack Snacks, Not Pounds

Let’s start with your first hurdle: the airport. No surprise, the food selection can be pretty dismal, pretty pricey, or both {unless you’re lucky enough to score a pass to The Wing, Cathay Pacific’s flagship lounge}. And airplane food is often even worse {unless you travel in biz aboard Emirates}. Since most of us don’t travel with first-class tickets every time we jetset, make your time in transit a little more healthy and enjoyable by packing your own food, such as a mix of veggies and protein you picked up from Whole Foods’ salad bar the night before your flight. Pair that with some crackers and hummus, dried fruit, veggie sticks, healthy trail mix or protein bars and you’ll be treating your body like the temple it is.


Boost Your Breakfast

Several studies have shown that your self-control is strongest in the morning. So why not take advantage of that willpower and begin your day with a healthy breakfast? Just think: When you start off on the right track, you can put your calories towards good use later on {read: decadent dinner or guilt-free dessert}. Besides, after breakfast you want to feel energized for a day of sightseeing, not stuck in a food coma from a stack of syrup-laden pancakes.
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Practice Safe Saucing

Whether it’s ponzu aioli or chipotle mayo, sauces can up the calorie quotient of a dish substantially. Obviously you wouldn’t ask for your fettuccine with alfredo on the side, but wherever possible, ask for the sauce in a side dish. This allows you to control the amount, as restaurants tend to overdo it in this area anyway. Same goes for salad dressing—instead of pouring the dressing over your salad, just dip your fork in it before each bite.

Trip Styler Tip: In addition to safe saucing, try sharing a main dish and a salad with your travel partner to up your veg content and maximize the menu. 
Healthy saladPhoto credit: We Are The Rhoads

Make Your Calories Count

We know; a huge part of travel is experiencing the cuisine of your destination, and all the unique flavors and ingredients that come with it. Don’t deny yourself the dishes of the region—just choose wisely. Instead of throwing back a few sugary cocktails, save the calories for something special, such as un pain au chocolat in Paris or Salt & Straw ice cream in Portland!
Coffee and pastries
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